Main Line Organizing & Redesign - Help for the overwhelmed and creatively challenged.
Organizing/Home and Office to arrange into an orderly structured space by coordinating and planning

De-cluttering – to get rid of excess “stuff”, freeing you up to see and enjoy your home again. Creating order will elevate your mood, heighten efficiency and give you peace in your new environment
Downsizing – to move into a smaller space; we help you to select items you need to take and eliminate items that need to go: to family/donation/consignment/auction - we also coordinate and assist with distribution
Staging– to sell your home by maximizing appeal and minimizing excess
Redesigning – to stay in your home, using what you already have by rearranging, repurposing or adding new accessories to refresh and renew your space
 New Home Set-up –Unpacking and arranging furniture and belongings to establish creative order in your new home or upon completion of a renovation project
Shopping Services –for items necessary for new home set
Event Organizing/Set up Assistance– holidays and parties – we set it up serve it up and clean it up
Consultations for guidance on how to do any of the above
*Additional personalized services are also available upon request.*